Arvin & Jessica | Indian Wedding Nashville, TN

A dream come true. Transport your guests through an ethereal dream come true with Utopian Events by your side.

Arvin and Jessica inspired our team to dream bigger creating an enchanting ceremony and reception for a royal celebration.

This paisley inspired Mandap design with tall willow trees, crystal suspensions and orchid blooms certainly set the tone for an awe inspiring ceremony.

Jessica was an absolute vision of beauty walking down the aisle of her dreams. This day was certainly a dream come true for her and Utopian Events!

Nashville Symphony Orchestra provided this bride and groom with the perfect location to host this lavish affair. Nashville is certainly the place to celebrate and Utopian Events is no stranger to Tennessee.

Welcome your guests with a custom Ganesh table. This paisley inspired Ganesh with Urlees and red rose petals, created a superb and sacred entrance to Arvin & Jessica’s wedding.

Make sure that your wedding leaves beautiful and lasting memories with you and your guests. With Utopian Events by your side, we will bring your vision to life, creating awe-inspiring moments and lasting impressions for everyone to cherish.

This magnificent estate table includes tall willow trees with orchid blooms, crystal suspensions, and hydrangea clusters surrounding the base. Sequined detailed golden overlays and iridescent crush underlays compliment these stunning florals eloquently.

Your guests will dine in heaven for an evening surrounded by breathtaking florals and centerpieces  encompassed in candlelight.

Arvin and Jessica celebrated their love like royalty and we were honored to join in on their special day. Whether in Atlanta or Nashville, we will travel and go to great lengths to make your dreams come true.

Your happiness starts with us Utopian Events! 

Arvin & Jessica | Indian Wedding Nashville, TN

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