Crinkle Crush Tablecloth Rental Products

At Utopian Events, we know that truly spectacular wedding and event decor is all about those unexpected little touches. Crinkle crush tablecloth rental offers just that – a surprising touch of refinement that will impress your guests. These highly textured tablecloths add a layer of depth to your table and an undeniable “wow” factor.

It’s the unique pleat-like texture of each crinkle crush tablecloth rental that makes these tablecloths so attractive. We proudly offer uniformly textured tablecloths – no flat or smooth spots. Crinkle crush tablecloth rentals make the perfect companions to our embroidered sequin overlays, Chiavari chairs and countless other products we offer.

These tablecloths are full-sized and durable. Choose one from the selection below and ensure your guests are impressed.

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