Desi Dirty Diaper Changer

One time a very popular “auntie” restauranteur was telling me a story. I was setting up an event in the banquet hall for an evening event. There was an afternoon event that was just completed. While setting up, amidst the earlier party’s trash, I noticed they left a dirty diaper under one of the banquet rounds. This means that some dirty desi changed their kids diapers and left it for the restauraunt crew to pick it up! I did NOT check if it were poo or pee, so don’t ask!

I pointed it out to her and she told me (in Indian Accent) “One time there was lady and she change diaper on the table!” She continued to tell me – as animated could be – ¬†that she went up to the “diaper changer invitee” and asked her “Instead of changing diaper on my table, where people eat, why don’t you go to bathroom or to your car?” Apparently the diaper changer invitee wasn’t phased by this question. So the auntie restauranteur pleaded with her and asked “Do you change your kid’s diaper on table at your house?!”


She makes a good point- but it was funny hearing her tell the story of the Dirty Desi Diaper changer!