Revenge of the Dirty Bathrooms – Desi-Style!

Dirty bathrooms? Why don’t you hire a bathroom attendant like Mintoo!

Why do Desis have to make the bathroom so dirty? And why are public bathrooms at Desi establishments always gross?

This reminds me of a story. Years ago, I had a bride, Mintoo (name has been intentionally changed for this passage) and she was having her function in a “center” leased in a facility where there are a lot of other desi stores.

Well Mintoo was on a budget and hence had to host her function at this venue. She was also inviting a lot of her work friends so she wanted to make sure that the bathrooms were decent during her event. So she hired one of the maids from her friend’s motel as a bathroom attendant to clean the bathroom prior and during her event.

Now If you are like me, you are probably thinking, this is not Mintoo’s responsibility but her Jimmy Choo-wearing self had to have clean bathrooms.

So during the decor setup, the caterer fielded a call from Mintoo. And Mintoo was telling him that “I’m having an attendant come and clean the bathrooms.” The caterer was confused and asked “Why?” Well I’m sure Mintoo explained herself but I heard the caterer telling her “Oh, don’t worry the building maintenance people will take care of this, you mustn’t worry about this.”

Hmmmm: wouldn’t this conversation warrant the caterer to inform the landlord that his bathroom facilities are disgusting and unkept? I hoped it would, but four years later, the bathroom is still ugly and smelly. Not to mention the landlord is at 80 percent occupancy so everyone knows hes generating a lot of rental revenue.

DUDE!!!! Fix your dirty bathrooms because they smell!