Unique Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas

Special events such as Indian Weddings are unique affairs with intricate detail and lavish design. But how can you make your wedding stand apart from all the others? Whether you’ve hired an event decorator or you’re trying to plan your own reception, you’ll create an unforgettable wedding reception with these Indian wedding decoration ideas we’re calling the Three A’s of Indian Wedding Decor.

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Atmosphere – Inspire awe and wonder as your guests enter the room. Simple lines, rich colors, pops of sparkle; these are all ways to draw them in. Indian weddings often use bold colors mixed with modern simplicity to create a unique style. Consider pairing specialty table linens with elegant Chiavari chairs to create an opulent setting for your guests.

Accents – Allow the design aesthetic to flow continuously from floor to ceiling with accents that fill the room. Large event spaces or outdoor affairs can be tricky, but adding accents like charger plates, candles, and centerpieces can tie the whole room together. And don’t forget to personalize the event with decorative figurines and any other accents that your guests will cherish.

Attention to Detail – To truly master the art of Indian Wedding decor, it’s important to remember the details. Create continuity throughout the entire event space from the front door to the bathroom to immerse your guests in your vision. There are a couple of ways to achieve continuity by paying close attention to detail.

 Color Scheme: Be decisive about the colors of your event. And don’t be afraid to be bold and adventurous if it suits your style. Bright greens and oranges really kick up an otherwise dull reception. However, understand how colors stand alone as well in combination. This can make the difference between a lavish design and a color disaster.

• Placement: Accents are wonderful details that showcase style and charm, but placement of these items can set the tone as well. Don’t try to clutter the tables with too much – elegant charger plates are ideal. Add a touch of ambiance with small candles as centerpieces for a more intimate setting.

• Matching/Layering: Layering table linens gives any event a professional and effortless look. From the specialty tablecloths to the napkins and chair covers, the devil is in the details. Choose linens that work well together, whether they are two-tone or complementary colors. And don’t just think about table settings; remember that linens include drapes, stage curtains, banners and more.

All of these design aesthetics and Indian wedding decoration ideas set the stage for your memorable event. Guests will remember your wedding when they can use all of their senses to make memories of your special day. From the moment they walk in to the minute they sit down, create a special place for your guests to feel welcomed and celebrated. They may not remember the music or the food, but they will remember the feeling they got from the lavish decor and the tone of your special wedding. Best of all, they’ll trust they’ll have a good time the next time you throw an event!

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