Mukhwaas Misfit: When Snacks Go Rogue

In late 2005, I assisted a family who had a wonderful event at a local hotel here in Atlanta. The bride, Archoo, (name has been intentionally changed for this passage) was a Gujrati bombshell and looked stunning at her event.

Well Archoo got married on a very busy holiday weekend. And the previous day/night we had a 400-person event as well.

I pulled an overnight to help Archoo. Speaking of overnight setups, it is so common to be up continuously for 30-40 hours! But when the mandap setup is competed, there’s a feeling of euphoria seeing an overnight setup be complete at sunrise. Come morning, you are ready for showtime.

For this particular event, the feeling was accentuated because the mandap was below a stained glass ceiling. So we were racing against time to deliver the room at 8 a.m. Nevertheless, we got done and instead of a celebratory beer, it was coffee!

As we were enjoying our much needed caffeine whilst admiring our work, the visual became sour. In comes a designer/competitor who also sells MUKHWAAS! BTW: for anyone that doesn’t know what mukhwaas is: It is a savory snack made of¬†Fennel Seeds and other ingredients commonly given post-meal.

She continues to walk past my design, taking as many glimpses as she could, and then demanding the bellstand men for a table to display her stuff.

Ok – what is wrong with this scenario?

Its Utopian Events designed wedding and mukhwaas lady switches fortes and is now selling mukhwaas at my clients’ event?

Is there such a thing, as being bipolar in business?

The whole community knows she designs weddings. What reason does she have to pitch a tent and serve her “dhanna nee dhaal” at BOTH lunch and dinner at my decor-contracted events?

I could understand if she designed the wedding – she can upsell her client to her after-meal savories.

But please lady, for my client who has my decor, keep your mukhwaas in your Ziploc plastic bags. No one will miss your mukhwaas if it is not there!