Multi-Generation Wedding Planning: Tips from an Orlando Indian Wedding

A recent Orlando Indian wedding we handled reminded us that when it comes to some of the most important personal moments of our lives, many of us look to the same vendors to provide service we can count on. Just look at how many families use the same dentists, doctors and even funeral homes generation after generation!

Families come to trust service providers and look forward to sharing the same great experience with their children, siblings and other relatives.

Multi-generational Indian wedding planning is the latest incarnation of this age-old trend and we’re seeing it unfold firsthand here at Utopian Events. Just this month, we lent our eye for gorgeous Indian wedding décor to an Orlando Indian wedding of a bride whose sister also used our services in September.

This beautiful Orlando Indian wedding, held at the Waldorf Astoria Orlando, featured  all of the elegant table linens, Chiavari chairs and other wedding products provided by our partner business, Elegant Chairs and Linens. The groom even rode in on an elephant in traditional Indian wedding fashion!

But the best part was the ease with which we were able to put the ceremony together. It’s one of the benefits of multi-generational wedding planning – when everyone feels comfortable and relaxed, event planning always go so much more smoothly.

In fact, repeat business benefits both the customer and the service provider: The customer comes in knowing the level of quality they will receive, while the vendor already understands a lot about customer expectations as well as the tone of the event itself.

The end result recently was a spectacular Orlando Indian wedding! If you are considering using a vendor who has worked with your family before, here are a few important tips:

  • Have a heart-to-heart with your family members: Be it your sister, brother, aunt or uncle, your relative should be consulted for honest feedback on their experience with a vendor.
  • Make sure the vendor can offer a unique, new perspective: Every person wants their wedding or event to be distinct. Ask the vendor for a clear plan on how they will make your event sparkle – but not mimic their previous work with your family. In the recent Orlando Indian wedding, we took care to ensure the bride had as beautiful a wedding as her sister but with its own, distinct flair.
  •   Get the price points out early: Cousin So and So may have paid a certain amount, but she also may have planned an event years ago. Have an up-front talk with your vendor about pricing and never assume you will pay the same thing your relative did.

 As always, Utopian Events loves to work with multiple generations of a family. Whether you’re planning an Orlando Indian wedding or a ceremony right here in Atlanta, give us a call for that luxury touch!

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