Lounge Furniture Rental for Weddings and Events

In addition to our Chiavari chairs and charger plates, we also offer a variety of intricate and comfortable lounge furniture in the form of couches, tables and non-Chiavari chairs. Furniture like this comes in handy for your reception, pre-wedding ceremony and many other events and occasions. Lovely alone or as an accent to our Indian wedding mandaps Our finely crafted lounge furniture ensures your guests can relax and enjoy themselves throughout your event.  Check out the lounge furniture pictures below for a taste of what we have to offer.

pink and orange wedding drapery

Prewedding Garba Lounge Furniture

round couch, lounge furniture

Lounge Reception Backdrop Bench Cushions Floral Chandelier

Lounge LED Ottomans Floral Centerpieces Cushions

Lounge Furniture Floral Centerpieces Cushions Atlanta skyline

Lounge Custom Throw Pillows, rosette fabric pillows

purple throw pillows, rosette fabric

custom pillows, sequin fabric, rosette fabric

Lounge Colorful Throw Pillows Drapery

sequin fabric bolster

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