Specialty Linens For Weddings and Events

At Utopian Events, we know that every little detail counts – down to the table coverings. We’re proud to offer a huge variety of specialty linens to give your Indian wedding or event that special touch that will wow your guests. From deep purples and vibrant pinks, from Taffeta to crush textures, our specialty linens are sure to fit into your wedding or event theme no matter how intricate.
Our high-quality specialty linens are the ideal complement to our decorative seating with Chiavari chairs and custom covers and charger plates. Just look below for breathtaking examples and a glimpse at our selection of specialty linen hues and textures. You may even want to take a look at our wedding floral design options. When you’ve made your selection, make sure to give us a call!
candle centerpiece, sequin tablecloth
silver wedding tablecloth, rosette fabric detail
specialty linen tablecloth, bright table overlay
Ocean Iridescent Crush Floor Length Gold Chargers Chairs
Browse our various specialty linen samples. We feature everything from sequin patterns to crush linen in colors ranging from modest to vibrant. Below are just some of our samples for your perusal. We have a variety of specialty linens in different patterns, so be sure to check them all out.

Standard Specialty Linens

White Tablecloth Sample  sample orange tablecloth  champagne fabric swatch

Sequin Specialty Linens

sequin fabric swatch, purple tablecloth  blue sequin tablecloth sample

round wedding tablecloth, sequin tablecloth design, sheer fabric  round white tablecloth, floor-length tablecloth

white sequin fabric sample  sequin tablecloth, rosette fabric border

sequin fabric sample, what are sequins  floor-length tablecloth with sequins, clear sequins

Iridescent Crush Specialty Linens

purple fabric sample, iridescent crush look material

red fabric Iridescent Crush swatch  bright red tablecloth Iridescent Crush, round table

orange red wedding fabric, Iridescent Crush look material   Red Gold Floor Length Linens, Iridescent Crush Linens

ocean blue specialty linen sample  ocean blue Iridescent Crush wedding table

teal crush Iridescent Crush fabric sample  teal Iridescent Crush tablecloth, blue table

purple Iridescent Crush fabric, lilac-colored fabric  purple Iridescent Crush tablecloth, lilac-colored, purple table

grape-colored Iridescent Crush fabric swatch  grape-colored floor-length tablecloth

Iridescent Crush material swatch  Iridescent Crush wedding tablecloth

Taffeta Fortuny Crush Specialty Linens

silver Taffeta Fortuny Crush Tablecloth fabric  fuchsia Taffeta Fortuny Crush Tablecloth fabric sample
purple Taffeta Fortuny Crush Tablecloth sample  purple Taffeta Fortuny Crush Tablecloth
platinum Taffeta Fortuny Crush Tablecloth swatch  platinum tablecloth, crinkle Taffeta Fortuny Crush Tablecloth
light platinum material, Taffeta Fortuny Crush Tablecloth sample  light-colored Taffeta Fortuny Crush Tablecloth, platinum wedding theme

lilac Taffeta Fortuny Crush Tablecloth sample  Taffeta Fortuny Crush fabric tablecloth, lilac tablecloth

fuchsia fabric sample, Taffeta Fortuny Crush Tablecloth fabric  fuchsia tablecloth, Taffeta Fortuny Crush Tablecloth

Ribbon Taffeta Fortuny Crush Tablecloth  grey Taffeta Fortuny Crush Tablecloth, ribbon Taffeta Fortuny Crush Tablecloth

sample black Taffeta Fortuny Crush Tablecloth  grey ribbon Taffeta Fortuny Crush Tablecloth fabric sample

Rosette Specialty Linens

ivory rosettes, ivory fabric sample  rosette fabric tablecloth, floor-length ivory tablecloth

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