Where Dream Weddings Come True – Atlanta Indian Weddings

Are you dreaming of the perfect wedding? Experience a dream come true with Utopian Events. With our team of professionals by your side you can dream bigger and know that you will be a part of a breathtaking and one of a kind experience. Leaving you with nothing but the happiest of memories is what […]

Utopian Events Luxurious Wedding and Reception

Utopian Events premiered fantastic modern décor styles at the luxurious Dodani-Dhawan Wedding and Reception, hosted at the Westin Perimeter in Atlanta. If the look of a princess stepping into her wonderland was any indication of the thought and detail put into this event, Utopian Events delivered once again! Check out the modern lines and details of the stage. Many […]

Ankit and Priya Indian Wedding and Reception Decor

From the glowing candles illuminating beautiful mounds of rose petals to the charming rosette fabrics, Ankit and Priya’s decor was meant to stun!  Check out that aisleway lined with rose petals!  This couple had a stunning and classy entrance into their new life together! Beautiful hanging mirrors and roses helped outline the bride and grooms […]

Chicken Makhani Anyone?

Besides being a wedding designer, I can make a signature makhani sauce that I’m known for amongst my dinner invitees.   What does Chicken Makhani have to do with decor?  Read on! In November 2006, I assisted a family who had an interfaith wedding ceremony.  I don’t recall the name of the bride as I never […]

Mukhwaas Misfit: When Snacks Go Rogue

In late 2005, I assisted a family who had a wonderful event at a local hotel here in Atlanta. The bride, Archoo, (name has been intentionally changed for this passage) was a Gujrati bombshell and looked stunning at her event. Well Archoo got married on a very busy holiday weekend. And the previous day/night we […]

The (Over) Grand Entrance

Months ago, I had a FIVE-HOUR  selection meeting with a family where the bride just came from India. She was used to seeing “India” weddings and humbly speaking I can’t compare to those Crazy setups especially with an American USD budget! She kept on challenging me in a hip Mumbian Accent: “Oh Sushil! We need […]

Revenge of the Dirty Bathrooms – Desi-Style!

Dirty bathrooms? Why don’t you hire a bathroom attendant like Mintoo! Why do Desis have to make the bathroom so dirty? And why are public bathrooms at Desi establishments always gross? This reminds me of a story. Years ago, I had a bride, Mintoo (name has been intentionally changed for this passage) and she was […]

Dirty Competition Indeed!

Summer 2005, UE was pretty new to the industry so talks of any new decor competition would raise my eyebrows! I bumped into a well-known Indian photographer whose specialty besides taking wonderful photos is knowing “something about everyone.” Me and the photographer began talking and he mentioned that a “native Atlantan couple” is starting a […]