The (Over) Grand Entrance

Months ago, I had a FIVE-HOUR  selection meeting with a family where the bride just came from India. She was used to seeing “India” weddings and humbly speaking I can’t compare to those Crazy setups especially with an American USD budget!

She kept on challenging me in a hip Mumbian Accent: “Oh Sushil! We need to make a grand appearance, and when we enter the stage, we would like to enter from the rear of the stage, TOP! She kept on saying rear Top and referencing her cousin’s wedding where they entered the stage off of a suspended moon – YES, a moon!!!

The Bride asks why can’t “Me and my fiancé enter from the top (stage) to make our grand entrance?”

At this point I was severely tired, frustrated, over her crazy non-budgeted ideas and really wanted the meeting to have a productive ending. I smiled and, knowing their budget, this was my cue to laugh and vent — are you ready for this –?

I knew this was my only opportunity to humble the client, so I began smiling, giving them a foreshadowing of what they were about to hear: I yelped with conviction, “I GOT IT, I GOT IT!” in front of the bride and groom, two sets of parents (who mind you were getting annoyed with the “dreamy” bride because they liked the ideas, but they were the ones that had to pay for them and there was no budget for dreamy ideas!)

“Lets do this!” I explained. “Let’s CUT a hole in the hotel ceiling. Then let’s have the bride and groom circle the hotel in a helicopter. And then you guys can parachute through the hole in ceiling, landing right in the middle of your stage!”

“Would that be grand enough?” I asked with a huge smile on my face?

All the parents and groom began laughing, not as much as me, but I did have them laughing!!!

The bride looked at me and i saw her lips quivering with disgust.

Five minutes after my proposal, I asked her: “Did you like my idea?”

She replied with her Mumbai English accent: “OH SUSHIL,” your idea was completely ridiculous, yaar!!”

Moral of story: I’ve found that within any crazy situation, I must LAUGH and make others laugh to surpass all the crazy stuff!!!!

And to humble people who have expensive ideas who don’t necessarily match their budgets!!