Indian Wedding Décor: Do’s & Don’ts

One of the first decisions newly engaged couples make when planning a Wedding is determining whether to hire a wedding planner or not. Indian weddings are notoriously elaborate and have guest lists a mile long, which is a tough job for anyone to shoulder.

Whether you consult with an event coordinator or take on the challenge yourself, there are some guidelines to follow to ensure a memorable day. Consider them the Do’s and Don’ts of “I Do”. These simple steps will allow you to plan a successful, fun and unforgettable wedding without overspending or causing a nervous breakdown.

Indian Wedding decor

1. DO Start Planning Early – The quicker you start your planning, the more time you’ll have to do it right. Booking your event space should be the first step. By hiring an event coordinator you’ll speed this along, as wedding consultants often have favorite venues. Going solo? Then consider an all-inclusive venue or hire an event decorator to deck out your space with specialty linens, high-quality chairs and table settings.

2. DO Choose the Right Location – If you decide to take the DIY route in wedding planning, make sure you choose a venue that has plenty of space and maybe has some interesting design elements. Just the right size venue will feel intimate, but not cramped. Consider a venue with outdoor seating near a fountain or botanical garden if the weather is ideal.  It’s easier to inspire décor when playing off natural colors and textures.  Rent comfortable lounge furniture to accommodate mingling guests.

3. DON’T Exceed Your Budget – Planning a large event is stressful, especially if you’re worried about spending. The best way to stay stress-free is to stick to your budget and consider everything that is necessary. You may have to sacrifice the ice sculpture for better quality chiavari chairs, but your guests will be much more comfortable. Also consider renting table linens and accessories, which is much cheaper than buying them.

4. DON’T Sweat the Small Stuff – It doesn’t matter if you’ve hired a decorator or you’re doing it on your own, obsessing over any element of your wedding will cause chaos. Should you have banquet or chiavari chairs. A wedding is a joyous event and it should ultimately come down to working together. Put your wedding party to work and let them handle any last minute worries. Event Coordinators are wonderful resources for those who tend to micromanage – they love keeping order!

5. DO make it Fun – As mentioned before, a wedding is a happy time for everyone involved. Have fun with the ceremony and inject some personal elements that will make your guests smile. Have someone sing a special song – maybe the first one you danced to together – or hire professional belly dancers. Traditional Indian weddings are often infused with some enlightening frivolity, which could even just be something out of the ordinary. Be creative – it’s your special day!

No matter your wedding design, keep these simple steps in your mind. There are a thousand ways to plan a wonderful Indian Wedding with just the right style. The plus side to hiring a wedding planner is to help you stay on schedule and on budget. Wedding planners, as well as wedding decorators, have access to vendors from specialty linens to high quality chairs and table settings. But if you choose to plan independently you can still have a professional looking wedding with the right event products.

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